Formula to count the number of checked/toggled boxes

How do I set up the formula so that I can get the count of number of checked boxes.

See if that helps

Checked boxes holds values of either true or false.

So, to get a count of checked versus unchecked, I’d use DISPATCH JULY.CountIf(DISPATCH - ACTUAL)

hi @VINAY_B_C ,

@Mohammad_Mohammad2 is right, it works as described

an alternative is this one:

[DISPATCH JULY-2022].Filter([On Time]).Count()

the main advantage of my suggestion is that filters run faster and more efficient than the CountIf(), but both do the job. And since True() is the default value of a checkbox, you can keep it short like this, no need for [On Time]=True() or [On Time].Contains(True())

Cheers, Christiaan


Hi Mohammad , thank you for the helping out.

Hi Christiaan , thank you for the helping out.

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