Formula + User Hybrid Column

All you pros might have ways to achieve this but it’s a pattern I bump into wishing I had fairly frequently, and in an elegant way (not more columns). If this is doable without too much complexity, please let me know!

I’ll try to articulate this suggestion as a formula first:

If(table.Filter( logic ) = "Something", "Some Value", [Allow User Input])

In other words, if some logic resolves true, I would like a field to return a specific value, otherwise I would like doc users to continue to be able to modify that field’s column.

A use case might be, for example, a project that’s managed through many states as it moves through a workflow, but a pack or another table elsewhere in the doc is the defacto source of truth and determines when that row is a particular state vs any other available state in a list.

To round out this functionality would probably require some new column type or configuration, like a pseudo-formula column, or config fields that know when an [Allow User Input] field is used in the formula, to allow for a fallback should a formula that used to resolve true no longer does. Like reverting to the last value, or defaulting to a static value.