Is it possible to add a formula to a text field in a table that's editable individually?

Hi! I tried finding this answer in the community but couldn’t, so would appreciate any patience if it has been answered already.

I have a table with a text field, it’s called “Response” and another checkbox field called “Passed”. I want to add a formula to Response that allows me to add text in individual cells in that column for all the times when Passed=false and for all the times Passed=true I want it to display the same text, like “Passed on” or something.

I wanna do something like - if(passed=true,“Passed on”,[Enter text])

I can’t seem to edit the column if I add a formula to it, or is there a function in the library of Coda formulas that allows me to enter text when a condition in an if statement is false?

Hi Aziz, you are correct; a column is either a formula column or a user-editable column. It cannot be both.

However, there are a number of ways to approximate a middle ground.

  1. A column and a back-up column. The simplest solution is often the best. One column will be editable, and the second will be a formula that provides a backup when that one is blank (or some other condition):
    [User Text].IfBlank(<some formula>); or
    If(condition, [User Text], <some formula>)
    In your case, it would be If(Passed, "Passed on", [User Text])

  2. Automation. If you don’t mind being a little slower and clumsier, you can set an automation rule in your doc to change the Response column to “Passed on” every time the checkbox is checked. In your case, you could also do the same thing faster with a button.

  3. Canvas Column. The most complex option (might be a bit overkill) is to use a canvas column where the template canvas contains just one formula: If(Passed, "Passed on", "Change this text directly in the formula.")
    See also this post for an even more complex ways of using canvas columns.

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