Lock Cell depending on conditions


It would be nice to have a way to lock a cell for editing depending on certain conditions.
In the example Above I only want the Checked Out To Column (cell) to be editable when CheckedIn=True.

This will prevent someone changing the field when my equipment is Checked Out.

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There is support for this:

In this example, the Check Out button is only clickable once the Checked In box is checked.

You can take this further and make the Check Out box reset the Check In box.

Also, if you wanted button for both, that is likely doable with an extra column (other people may have other or better approaches).

Hmm I don’t think that’s exactly what @Gavin_Goncalves means. It’s the “Checked out to” column that would be good to be disabled.

The buttons can be disabled so it would be a neat feature to extend this to all columns with a “Lock if…” section.

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Hi @Michael_RnW, Exactly what you said.

I am already disabling the buttons. They are never active at the same time. and the Check-Out button is only active when I have text in the Checked Out To field and CheckedIn=True.

Would be nice to have a similar Disabled if for the Column the Same as the Buttons have

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Ah, understood. And agreed.

You cannot disable columns (not at the moment at least). But you can implement a kind of workaround:

  1. For each “input” column that can be filled, make an “output” column
  2. For the “output” column write a formula that either mirrors the input value, or displays some other value if the input is invalid and/or otherwise should not be used.
  3. Then use the “output” column instead of the input one in the rest of your doc.
  4. Optionally, add an automation to reset the input value if it’s invalid (i.e. if it’s not equal to output, as calculated by your formula)
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Thank you for the idea.