Override Checkbox Formula

Hey guys,

Quick question. My “Delivered” column is based off of my “Status” column showing true. Is there anyway to make it where I can manually check off some boxes in the “Delivered” column? Right now, it is not letting me, stating “Formula calculated column, Values can’t be directly edited.” Thanks so much!

Screenshot 000802

Hey Bryan,

Despite reading this a couple of different times, Im not entirely sure what is going on/what your end goal is? Can you give a little more context and/or share a dummy doc with the issue?

Yeah this is a limitation of having a formula calculated column, it can only be modified indirectly.

Re-think the way you want to structure it;

  • Make the Status column a checkbox, so you can click that column to modify the Delivered column
  • Or perhaps make a new column of type Button which will toggle the value of the Status value in its row, this might be preferrable depending on your setup

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