Checkbox change column value

I am trying to add a checkbox column that when checked changes the value of another column.

In our order tracking table, we have a status column. When working on orders, the status is changed as the various phases of the process progress.

What I was wanting to add with the check box was that when we ship 50 or 60 packages, we can quickly go through the table clicking checkboxes and changing the status to “Shipped” quickly.

I don’t know if I assign a formula in the “check box” column or the “status” column. and what should the formula be?

hi @Aaron_Chupp , good to see you back

maybe something like the below can give you some inspiration. I used a slider logic so you can alter the amount of packages:

happy selling, cheers, Christiaan


Thanks Christian, that is interesting. I will think how I can use that.

I figured out the best way was to create a button, that when clicked modified the “Status” to be changed to “Shipped”


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