Inserting formulas into a text field

Does anyone know if/how you can insert a formula into a text field? I tried to do it the same way as a blank canvas (punching =) but it doesn’t work. I also tried inserting form the + icon on the top left but it doesn’t add it into a text field. Perhaps this is not yet a feature.

Dear @Joanna_Lamb

In Coda you will be able to add the formula in the “header dropdown”, see screenshot sample below :innocent:

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Hello @Joanna_Lamb and welcome!

There is a slightly awkward way to accomplish this request of mixing text and a calculated formula, take a look at this example:

It works because the “@” reference can be used in text fields, thanks!

Edit: I should also note that @Jean_Pierre_Traets’s example is the correct way if you are going to have the same calculation be used for every cell in a column of your table, but what I share is only if you want to keep the column an editable text field, thanks!

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