How do you insert formula into text block

This was done in the Sales CRM video but I can’t tell how to do it in real life.

We have 8 companies and 23 contacts in our network of people who we had 0conversation(s) with this week.

It’s just a sentence of text with includes the formulas.

Hi @dr_john_Pollard you can use the Concatenate() formula:

Concat("We have ",[numberOfCompanies]," and ",[numberOfContacts]," in our network of people...")

Or the Format() formula:

Format("We have {1} and {2} in our network of people...",[numberOfCompanies],[numberOfContacts])

Thanks for the reply. Johg. Interesting approach. In the example CRM there is just a formula thrown into the text sentence on it’s own to create the numbers only.

I heard that was a feature of Coda, putting a formula anywhere, but i haven’t seen it demoed other than the CRM I referenced. But your idea would definitely work. I wonder if the “formula anywhere” isn’t true anymore for some reason.

You can actually write a formula on the canvas (therefore in a phrase too) just by typing =

We have = and desired formula companies and = and desired formula contacts in our network of people who we had = and desired formula conversation(s) with this week.

This sounds like the right solution, but typing = doesn’t bring up any formula bar or any way to put the formula. Are you supposed to create it in a column and then copy and paste “on the canvas”?

OK, I see it now. Typing the = does bring up a list of fields, and then at the top is a add formula field. Thanks!

It doesn’t appear to work in the subtitle field.

You’re welcome :blush: !
The suggestions of @Johg_Ananda are still very useful ones, depending on what you’re trying to do.

If by “subtitle field” you mean the subtitle of a page/subpage, you’re right, it won’t work there (or in the title of page/subpage, as far as I know). The subtitle section of a page subpage is very limited and simply used to add a short description of the page/subpage you’re working on.

Using = to be able to add a formula works only on the canvas of a doc/page/subpage (which is where you put texts and tables after the title and if you’ve activate it, the subtitle parts).

It will not work in an expanded row of a text field in a table either.

Small add-on : You can add a formula on the canvas by using slash command (typing /) too :blush:

Also, code field, and maybe other specialty areas. Haven’t tried them all. Sometimes a pasted sentence with a formula seems to work and other times not.

Thanks for your help.