Formula with editable End If option


Formula are very powerful and make possible incredible things…

I am wondering about a case : the possibity to edit the content of a field if the formula doesn’t find result. Example :

  thisRow.Collaborateur = thisRow.Equipe.[Team Leader],
  "Free to edit the content",
  thisRow.Equipe.[Team Leader].Todo

The first approach i see is to use multiple columns : one to edit, one with the formula. The drawback is that you get multiple useless field in the layout.

Does someone face to this case?
With clever idea do you find as workaround?

Thank you in advance for the help


This is the way that I do something similar:

I load the bank account information into a table, the Autopost rule kicks in. And where the autopostcolumn formula does not find a rule, I then add a manual Account as shown (or if I want to override the auto account).
The column for final account then follows this logic: If an entry in the manual account, use that entry, else take what is in the autopost account.

It’s just a ramble…
Rambling Pete

Thank you @Piet_Strydom .
It’s the way i was thinking. I will try this.

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