Formula if empty allow to make entry

HI. Is it possible to have a formula that finds some data from a related column but if it does not find anything it allows you to still entry some data?

I have a Client type property that it’s automatically pulling data from my Clients DB but when this is empty I would like to still be able to update it…is this possible?

Thanks in advance!


hi @Eva_Folch ,
indeed, in a column with a formula, you cannot write something manually for obvious reasons, that is what you noticed. You can however let a button execute the task using the formula and print the outcome in the column. The outcome will be text and empty cells will remain empty and so you can add / correct as much as you want. The button can be pushed by an automation for example when you generate a new row.
Cheers, Christiaan

Hi Christiann, thanks! interesting workaround. I’ll play around see fi I can manage :wink:

Thanks, Eva

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