Formulaicly look up column from another table

I have a table that tracks the tasks for our project.

The columns are:

  • Task
  • Description
  • Time estimate for person 1
  • Time estimate for person 2
  • Time estimate for person 3

I have another table with each person.

  • Person
  • Total time estimate lookup

I want to formulaicly look up and sum the total time estimate for each person

It should look something like:
| Person | Total time estimate lookup |
| Person 1 | 10 |
| Person 2 | 3 |
| Person 3 | 20 |

The Total time estimate lookup formula should be something like
[Task table].["Time estimate for "+[thisRow].[Person] ].Sum() but it seems like there’s no way to insert a string as a column name the way I’m trying.

Is there a way to generate a column name for the lookup based on the row in the Person column?

Dear @Nikil_Ragav

It’s always recommended to share a dummy doc with your structure and expected outcomes!

If I understood your question, this is what you are looking for:

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