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Hi folks, I’m playing around with lookups and I feel like I’m missing something simple/silly.

I created a list of very specific tables:

  1. A table with a group of users and their phone numbers
  2. A table of a list of tasks and their effort (as a Scale option) that need to get done.
  3. A table of tasks tied to people

What I’d like to do is create a new view where it shows me the total sum of level of effort against each person as a simple number.

I’m attempting to think through this in English in my head, but to me I had thought it would be:

“Hey Coda, look at the first column for the user in question, find the tasks they’re assigned to, and then add the total number of tasks they’re assigned to by looking at their level of effort column”.

Any helpful hints/thoughts/solutions? This may help me understand lookups better! :bowing_man:

Hey @Vish_Mittapalli, is the column “current workload” essentially what you’re looking for:

I think so? In my page, I have 4 tables, I noticed you have 3. I guess I’m confused as to why mine won’t work.

You’re effectively getting what I wanted to do. For me, a given user has more than one task. Any given task has a numerical value of difficulty. I simply wanted to create a new view that highlights just the sum of all difficulty for a given user.

How might you explain your formula? (still trying to get caught up on Coda lingo :slight_smile: ) Or how might I consider adjusting mine?

I adjusted the sharing permissions of my doc to make it public FYI :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t do 4 tables, just make effortview a view of the Members table.

[Task Assignments].Filter(
  [assigned to].Contains(thisRow)
).task.[Level of effort].Sum()

Summary of formula:
“If we look at all the tasks that have been assigned, filter down to just the ones that were assigned to this person (thisRow in Members table). Then, grab all the tasks that were assigned and their associated level of effort. Finally, sum all that up.”

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Super helpful! Thank you!!

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