Forum text is all bold for me

Bit of a meta question - all of the text on is bold for me. Looked to see if I had a weird font installed or something but can’t trace it to anything (CSS seems to be Source Sans Pro, which I don’t have installed, so assume is a web font served by the site).

This can’t be how everyone sees it, is it?

Hi @Nick_HE,

This isn’t a regular thing, are you still see it?

Yeah have for months.

For what it’s worth, it happens cross-browser (Chrome FF Safari), logged in / not, incognito window (no extensions). Only on my workstation though, not laptop, which makes me suspect system fonts.

Yeah, that must be something with the system setup. Could be font settings or display settings.

It’s only this site so I suspect not display settings. It seems to be something janky with “Source Sans Pro” - is that a web font served by the site? I don’t have any matches in Font Book for it. If I delete “Source Sans Pro” in Developer Tools (leaving just sans-serif) it displays correctly.