Frustrating issue with a button: Populating tables with data from email

I’m parsing incoming emails into a table. With a push of a button, I want to push that data into a Company table, a Contacts table and the Email text message into an Activity table.

I’m slicing up incoming emails from my website just fine (happy to share how for those who would find this useful). However, pushing that data into my tables isn’t working well.

Here’s a clue of what might be happening: if I type the data manually, then push that data into my Tables, it works great! But if I use the text that came directly with the email, it doesn’t work properly.

The question is, is there anything I have to do to the text to “clean it up” ? They are all text columns so I’m not sure what’s going on.


Could you post the part of the formula of your button concerning that field ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey thanks for the reply!

It’s nothing fancy, just a simple “Add row” to the desired table:

AddRow(Companies, Companies.[CompanyName], thisRow.[new-company])

*Translated to english for clarity.

Same thing with the Contacts. I push the email data to my Contacts table, the name doesn’t really register. It adds it, but like the image on my original post, it’s not highlighted as part of a lookup.

However, if I type out the name and company manually, it works for some reason…

Any ideas?


I’m enclosing all data I send to my tables inside a ToText( ) formula to clean it up. There’s nothing clear about what’s being converted into text, but it’s working to perfection!!


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