Get a digest report of all pages and subpages created or updated since a given date


We use Coda for our Knowledge Base (amongst other things), and this is a top level Doc and has within it over 160 pages and subpages which is growing weekly.

To help promote and share the information being added, I want to create a 2-weekly digest of all the pages, and subpages, that have been added or updated in the Doc in the past 2 weeks. I don’t need this to be automated (although that would be great), but I just want to be able to find out how to get this.

Using the Doc Version History, as far as I can tell, cannot get this for me in any meaningful or accessible way.

Does anyone know if this is possible?


Hi @Simon_Collingridge :slight_smile: And welcome to the community! :smiley:

Sadly i don’t have the answer you were looking for, but i can suggest a different approach that you can use to be able to get the most out of automation.

I’ve never used pages and subpages as you are using them because after maybe 10 main pages the concept of the menu is somehow lost, and it becomes hard to navigate in a doc (but that’s just my personal way of using coda, the best part of it and of this community is that there is not one way of doing things and coda is always evolving to improve the number of possible use cases, so this is just a suggestion based on how things are now)

If you organize content in a table, with relatives parent category and sub category (or sub-sub-sub category, possibilities are more or less unlimited), and you filter them according to the page you are in, you obtain the same result but having them as rows allows automation to work on them.

And to get the same “UX” you can use buttons or dropdowns or other type of user interactions

I’m 100% sure that you find yourself well with your current setup and translating all your KB into a table is not a 5 minutes work, but at the end you should obtain a much more elastic and dynamic content manager!

If you want to further discuss this possible setup i’m here and we can think together of a pretty way of managing them, but we can also wait some insight of someone else that have built something similiar :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,


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Hi Mario

Thank you so much for the detailed reply, it’s very much appreciated!

Within our pages we have a variety of screenshots, Videos from Youtube or uploaded MP4s, GIFs, emojis and also tables. So one in one page we may well have a combination of a user guide video, some images, a bunch of text annotated with GIFs, and a table of websites with API keys (just for example).

This is all relatively straightforward for everyone/anyone in the company to create and read as a page, I’m unclear how your suggestion would be used to achieve this. From your description I’m picturing rows and cells, and to created subtables in a cell and have no layout limitations for adding other content isn’t something I thought we could do in a cell?

If it’s a better approach, and easy to use afterwards, we’d happily invest the time to migrate this to a something along the line you’re suggesting.