Looping through doc pages & their content

Hello Community!

I’m trying to know if there’s a way to loop through all the pages & subpages (recursively) in a doc?

What I’m trying to do is have multiple categories & tags that are overarching to the documentation to establish things like non-hierarchical relationships between content pages.

In example, having pages being relative to other pages outside of their coda “doc” hierarchy (documenting complex inter-dependencies) and have “hub” pages or tables that can effectively display everything relating to a certain topic and/or feature and/or milestone.

My goal is to have a documentation which hierarchy makes sense to onboard people and provide project overview, while being a powerful & useful tool for managers that have completely different needs.

So far I’ve failed to do that, and failed to find answers in here : every time someone mention something similar, the thread has either no activity/answers, or is closed due to inactivity :frowning:



This is James from Coda Support! Forgive me as I don’t have a full understanding of the functionality you’re asking for. Based on my limited understanding though, perhaps what you’re in need of is pages in a Coda doc to be referenceable objects where you could then refer @ tag those pages and refer to them in a manner that fits your use case. If this sounds correct, I’m sorry to say that Coda doesn’t currently have the functionality of pages as objects. If my statement above doesn’t describe your use case, feel free to reach out directly to Coda Support- support@coda.io. If you have a doc to share with us, that would be even better.


Hey there!

I don’t fully understand your ask either - but you can access all the pages in your doc and some of their metadata with the Doc explorer pack

It brings all of your pages into a table which can, like any table, be looped through with formulaMap()


This should be free or built-in. Who thinks Pack authors can get a monthly subscription for something that runs wholly within Coda? WordPress templates are on-time purchase perpetual licenses. Some Packs really do use external resources on a recurring basis and perhaps a subscription is legitimate. Some code to supplement feature gaps in Coda should not be by subscription.

Doc Maker has the right to charge. We have the right to keep our money.

It’s free/built in if you are in the team plan!

Just like almost any Saas out there, more features are available on higher monthly plans.


So if I understand you correctly, are you after a doc wide tagging system?
I have just started implementing exactly this on a large doc that I’m rewriting for our small business.
It is indeed possible, but the way I am approaching it is by using helper tables - one row per user, and storing info about what they are viewing in there. This has advantages over using the new personal canvas controls as you can run multi-tabbed views using buttons, as well as running formulas just for the current user. Its not the simplest thing in the world, but once you get the hang of it, it is powerful.

Unfortunately, I’ve also run into a problem with filters associated with constructing the doc in this way that has appeared in the last few months and that I’m trying to figure out the work around for now. It kinda makes the whole thing untenable for the moment, but I’m hopeful for a work around or fix of some kind.

I personally am constructing the doc for only three tags - admin, production, creative. These will apply to all notes, tasks, projects within the doc, and it means the users only see the parts of the tables (I use display view + modals for all UI) that are tagged matching their selected tag. I have the tags user selectable for view as well - we are small, and everyone has access to all info, just doesn’t want to see it all the time. However, with a helper table, its easy enough to just assign a permanent tag to a particular user.

Here’s a quick look at a view I’ve recently worked on in my new prototype. The menu at the top is just a filtered row of a helper table which is one row per user. You can see the tag selection at the top right, and in the display the note has an area to select which tags apply.

(ps : ignore that the project selected doesn’t match the project display - thats actually showing the filter bug I was referring to earlier…)

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