Help me solve my organization's Coda navigation problem

The company I work at (~100 people, 100% remote) is about 10 months in to incorporating Coda into our tool stack. Thus far, we have adopted it for planning, OKR tracking, several rituals (retrospectives, postmortems, etc), and project management.

While many love the functionality that Coda brings, a lot of people have trouble navigating the company space as a whole. That is to say, they have a hard time understanding how different docs relate to one another, or how to get from one to another. I think this stems from most folks being used to a wiki/nested structure (in particular, in Confluence), rather than a hub structure (like Coda).

So my question to you all is, have you encountered this problem when trying to adopt Coda at your company? If so, how did you address it? Would you have any suggestions for me and the company I am at?

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Hey Adam !

I had the same problem in my company but I work in a small company (>50) with an industrial purpose so it’s not usual at all for them (for example, no one is remote) so it’s more “normal” in my case. I have only 2 doc makers so I added every doc a person should use to their internet shortcuts so they don’t see the Coda workspace that can be quite confusing for newbies AND non-english speakers. It will absolutely not work in your case because I think you have many docs. :innocent:

Part of my job is managing internal communications so i’m wondering, in your case, what is the business of your company ? How many or what percentage of doc makers ? How many docs ? Do you use the folders ?

Hi Adam,

How long is a piece of string? :wink:

There are many way sin which to address this:

  1. Create a master doc with an overview of all the other docs, with links to those docs.
    You can structure that document in any way you want
  • a page per linked document, so that you have your hierarchical structure in your pages.
  • a searchable table with links to the various docs as well as a description of the docs.
    You could take this to a higher level - if certain docs are only accessible by certain people, you can add a column with staff names, and then use that to filter using user() so that they will only see their docs.
  • Using columns on a page to organise the links to the docs
  • Any combination of the above
  1. Reduce the number of docs you have.