Using Coda as a Corporate Wiki

Hi - Coda is really powerful tool that I have managed to get a few teams in our company to adopt. It has some of the most powerful features I have seen compared to what a typical “wiki” page can do. Our teams are able to elegantly and powerfully organise their work and it’s made onboarding and collaborating fun and easy.

We are looking to replace our corporate wiki (confluence). Coda would be the perfect candidate however the only problem is the way the navigation is structured from login page. It’s really bizarre for this use case and confuses the hell everyone we first onboard.

Ideally to use Coda as a corporate wiki and thus enable us to do a global roll-out to our company we require the default login page to be much simpler: a company directory of folders.

  • Branded workspace url e.g. or
  • Login in to this page the user should be presented with a side menu containing navigation across Folders/Docs and on the right hand side display the content.
  • This way it’s easier to use as a corporate wiki.
  • All our teams can be given a Folders to organise their departments work and resources
  • New users can easily navigate the directory to different departments


Acme Ltd Home (Workspace)

HR&People (Folder)
Sales Team (Folder)
Marketing Team (Folder)
Design Team (Folder)
Ops Team (Folder)
Engineering Team (Folder)

Is there a way to create this sort of easier to use homepage view or are there plans to update?

Right now default Workspaces and Folders display is too unstructured to allow coda to be used as a corporate wiki.

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Have you considered using a doc as the starting point, rather than the workspace? Or even, doing everything in a single doc?

I prefer having as much as possible on s single doc, only creating a second doc if absolutely necessary.

Hi Clarence, welcome back to the community!

We wanted to point you to a resource to explore replacing your knowledge management solution with Coda: Coda for knowledge management.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Hi Stephanie - thanks but the marketing resource doesn’t answer my specific inquiry re creating a corporate wiki with a simpler navigation across folders and docs. Current default login is found too disorientating and confusing an entry point to corporate wiki. Just looking for a simpler tree navigation across folders and docs for a workspace. Thanks.

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Thanks for that feedback, Clarence. I’ve brought this feedback to the team.

Hi Piet, thanks for suggestion. Yes we have - that would solve one aspect (single clear navigation) and would work if we were a small organisation, team or startup.

Given the scale, the focus and security access controls (internal&external) Folders map better to departments and help to define clear work areas in the organisation.

Also one of the other issues not solved for us here is the default login screen takes you to the Coda dashboard which is not useful for us as the default entry point.

Prefer a simple Home page with navigation tree.

Few examples of other wiki’s that fit the model we are after (but not built on Coda’s powerful engine) are