Get users email-adress


it is possible to get the name of the current user in a formula.
is it possible to get the email-adress of the current user in a formula?

greetings from Cologne/Germany


Hi Max, the identity of the current user is accessible via. the User() formula. You can then get the name, email, etc. by deferencing into it. For example to get the email address you would have a formula of:


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Hi Nigel,
thanks, that is exactly what I need!
The formula overview does not describe the possible options for “USER ()”. Is there an overview where this is described?


I think there would be an improvement of formula document.

I also tried to get the User()'*s email days ago. After several attempts, from trying input formulas by myself, to reading the whole document, I learnt User().Email formula in one community post.

Maybe adding some description about .Email formula in the User() section would be great.


That’s a great suggestion - will file a follow-up task to get that taken care of.