How to show avatar from people column in a formula

I have a formula that combines data from different columns in a row. I notice that when I add People to the formula it shows as global-document-people/i-xxxxx. How do I get the avatar and/or name to show up in the formula instead?

goodmorning @Snapper_Cridge1 ,

try these :

  1. User().ToText()
  2. User().Photo

Cheers, Christiaan

Thanks for the help. A little more context. The formula is grabbing all the date from the same row on of the columns is for a task. The column we are having the issue with is the person assigned to that task, so it’s less of a who’s logged in and more of a this person is assigned to this task.

I hope that makes more sense. Cheers!

Well, I suggest you share a dummy doc and we have a look at it
in read again and see you have a people column. So you can can grab the users from there.

Anyway a sample doc helps with the set up you have in mind.
looking forward, christiaan


those functions work on People columns, like this



Link here :arrow_upper_right:

indeed @Snapper_Cridge1 , this is not easy. I applied the Image() function to resize the avatar, but it starts floating a bit. Maybe @Scott_Collier-Weir who has a keen eye for design has ideas or @Xyzor_Max who is real creative.

I added ClipCircle() but it did not improve as far as I could see.


the image() trick is cool, allows mixing image and text in one cell. not much i can add to that.

i have only used the users icon in its own column, that way i can adjust the image size by adjusting the column width.

if a user makes a mistake and gets an error message, or if they are being given a reward, a great big image of their own face has real impact! :smiley:

the circular format wont change anything, the user icon is already formated as a circular image



i was wrong. if you use Image() with a big height & width, then style of ‘circle’ really does make a difference

like this ugly example…


Hey Max, re: the circle style for the Image formula, is the issue just that the preview looks weird? Or are you seeing any unexpected behavior with the Image() formula output in general?


the preview image in the formula editor IS distorted.
but for me that is no big deal.
the image is rendered correctly (both rectangular and circular) on the canvas or cell.

my only issue is that the image() function only works with a url, so i cannot set the width and size for an imported image.


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Ideally what I’m looking to do is retain the photo and/or name from the people when it’s coupled with other functions in the column.

Is there a specific reason adding additional information in the formula causes it to covert?

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