How to use [Coda User].[Photo] as an Image type column

There are certain features in Coda that require an image type column. For example:

Each doc loads with at least one image - the logged in user’s profile picture, accessible at:
[Coda User].[Photo]

How can we get that image into an image column so that its usable for these features (like Card view cover image). I’ve tried formulas and a button modify the Image type column with [Coda User].[Photo] but nothing is working. It would be great to be able to put this image to work immediately. Thanks!

Hi Johg. I don’t have a solution for this problem, but if you are thinking to use a profile pic as image icon in the expanded row view, maybe this layout can help:

Short answer: don’t use an Image column, but an Image URL column type. Then your formula to get
User.Photo will work just fine, and you’ll get the image displayed in cards, popup layouts etc:

Column types Image and File are for uploads only. It seems like you just cannot get anything into them with formulas — only through a file upload.

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