People Image On Card

Rows in my table have an Owner column of type People. I can display the Owner on a card, but cannot control the layout of the Owner’s photo. I would like to display the Owner’s photo on a card as an image because I can control the layout of images on a card.

Thus, I created an “Image” column with the formula Owner.Photo. This appears to work in the formula editor, but then the content of the column remains blank. The image does not appear in the column.

Any thoughts?

Hi @Michael_Hewitt,
try to change the column type to Text or Image URL.

A more comprehensive explanation.

  • Image datatype refers to a uploaded local images that are stored as a binary blobs
  • Image URL displays the content of a web referenced image (basically like an <img src="..."> HTML tag)
  • Text tries always to detect the actual renderer for how the content should be displayed.

So, to display the People.Photo attribute, you can either select Image URL or Text.
The difference between the two is only on the style (Text adds the circle style typical of People display).

I hope this helps.