Can I Show an Image from Another Table as a Card Cover?

Hello everyone,

@Benn_Bennett already asked this question, but unfortunatelly there was no answer.

The only way I managed to show the image at all in a table was setting the column (with a filter formula) as a text, but I guess that’s the reason why it doesn’t work when you want to use this image as a card cover in card view. Has anybody found a way to make this work?


Here you have a doc where I show the issue I’m having:

Hi @Pablo_DV :blush: !

I’m not currently in front of my computer but something that could work would be to store your images in their own table with 2 columns : one simple text field for a name you might want to give to an image and an image field.
Then in your other table add a lookup field from the table where your images are stored and then add a related column from the lookup to get you image in the table where you want to use the image as a row cover :blush:

Something else that can be done with images is move them by using a button (with a ModifyRows() action formula). It might not be the most practical way to do this though :innocent: … But it’s still a way :blush:

Being away, these are the first things that came to mind at the moment :blush:

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Hi @pch,

You second proposal probably will work for the use-case I had in mind, thanks!

But I’m still curious if it can be solved via formulas for other use-cases.

I editited my original post to put a sample doc to clarify the issue, because I’m not sure if I’m missunderstanding your first proposal.

I’m still away but thanks for sharing :raised_hands: !

And for the “lookup suggestion”, here you go @Pablo_DV :blush:

Take a look at the table Tasks where I got the image from the table [Task Type] through the lookup [Task Type] :blush:

As for the view [View of Tasks] I just needed to select the new image field as Cover image in OptionsCards display :blush:

I hope this helps :innocent: !

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Oh wow, I was over-complicating this with the filter formula… D’oh!

Thank you very much @Pch !!

No problem @Pablo_DV :grin: !

I’m very glad to know this helped you :grin: !

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