Issue with images showing up in a table after moving images to a different table via a button

Hey guys, does anyone know why is this happening?

I’m using a helper table to add photos to a table, but I eventually want to use a button to move those images to a storage table, however, after using the button and the images are moved, they will not show up in the storage table when the column type is set to image. And for some reason if you change the column type to text, the images will appear, and then disappear again if its set back to image.

Here’s and example of what I’m talking about in a doc:

Hi @Nik_Martin,

The reason is because this formula -


is actually assigning the list of the contents of the “Helper Table.Image” column to the storage table, rather than the image itself. If you look at the little icon I have highlighted, it looks like two little squares on top of each other … this is how Coda indicates a “list”.

I have modified the formula to -


… and it now works as you expect.

Note, this is not necessarily the best solution,. Depending on the requirements, you might need to put a button in the row of the Helper table.

Hope that helps,

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Wooo, you are awesome! Thanks @Rohan_Mitchell for taking the time to solve this issue for me as well as putting together a detail answer, much appreciated!

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