Get values from another two tables

Hey guys!

Coda Noobie here.

I was building some databases and I took the decision to build these (Wake Up and Sleep) separated because makes sense for me (open for feedback):

I already tried using just one table (Like Sleep Tracking), but I couldn’t figure out how to get the hours slept. Simply because I probably should use the Sleep Time from one row and Wake Up Time from the subsequent row and do the math.

So, I intend to build this Sleep Tracking table using the values from the ones mentioned above and make a formula to get a value for hours slept. I will use these data to create some charts and hopefully understand some patterns.

Could you help me to do that?
Since right now I’m so grateful for any help!

Here is the doc:

Why not put sleep time and wake time in the same line?

I started in this way. But:

I don’t know yet how to calculate using data from different lines.

Example: To discover the “Time asleep” in the second row (06/03/2022) I would use the “Wake Up Time” from this row and the “Sleep Time” from the first row (05/03/2022).

I dunno if I made myself clear :sweat_smile:

How about this:

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