[Gig] Anyone know of any contractors who can complete Coda customisations? :)


I’m loving Coda and am being quite ambitious with what I’d like to achieve with it - I would like to hire a contractor with advanced knowledge of how to configure various areas in Coda spanning formula/automation implementation, structuring/filtering data in an optimal/best-practice way, and more.

I’m building a back end admin platform which includes:

  • CRM functionalities (much has been built out - I’d essentially be listing/ describing how I’d like it to function here to get the right help)
  • Property listings uploads/ management
  • Linking of data between tables/ views to optimise internal workflows

In my business, we rent accommodation to international students and have designed a customised workflow to enable these students to book rooms/beds within rental properties. We like to implement this within Coda.

Would love to hear from anyone who can recommend contractors, or who can help out :). Your hourly rate would be a big help to know here too.

I’m based in Sydney, Australia.


Hey Marcus!

Replied privately; I’m usually taking these on but this time I don’t have capacity to take on more work.

For the best practices, have you seen this thread?

Hey @Marcus_Layton , my firm FMHaven.com develops Coda custom projects and specializes in helping small businesses transform from jobs to systems. We can work on a lump sum or hourly basis depending on your needs.

We also provide 1:1 video mentoring where one of our engineers will share a screen with you and review your Coda doc to help you overcome any obstacles or brainstorm ways to achieve your objective. Feel free to reach out!

Hi @Marcus_Layton ,

Also replied privately.