Gig - Building a Business Operations Platform

Hi All,

We’re looking for a Coda consultant to help us design and perhaps build a operations platform for our business. It could be a fairly large project depending on scope so happy to chat further to explain details.


  • We want to build an operations platform that will unify customer relationship, financial, project, and task management in one place.
    • Run the entire company in one single place — manage projects and tasks, invoice customers, and share knowledge and effectively collaborate with the team
  • Get complete information about our customers with contact and organization records, e.g. projects or renewals they’re involved in, tasks, issue invoices, personal information, attached files and notes.

Hey @Chris_Williams!

We could pick this up at Coda Tricks. Please drop us a line at

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Reach out: happy to set up a free call

This is a wonderful goal. Coda as a “platform” for solutions that themselves are platforms, has intrigued me from the early days of Coda’s launch. I’m doing something similar at Stream It but for highway analytics. The challenges are likely similar -

How do you make Coda solutions that are resilient and agile enough to serve solution requirements independent of the installation instance.

Building business platforms that encompass a broad range of objects, each of which are point solutions, is a lot like designing and building APIs. Break out the diagramming tools and buckle up for some deep requirements analysis. :wink:

I don’t have the bandwidth for development involvement at that level, but happy to toss in a few cents now and then to assist.

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Hi @Chris_Williams!

I would love to help! I’ve done exactly what you are looking to do as a VP of Operations and know how game changing centralizing your process/ways of working can be.

Today, I continue to solve exactly those kinds of briefs as an Operations Consultant. Check out my website for details on what I can do.

Let’s hop on a call to talk through your business! Here’s my schedule to chat.

@Chris_Williams , this probably will need a mix of Coda and automation tools like Zapier or Make. We can help! Book a discovery call to see if we are fit

Hi Chris,
What you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise and I would be glad to help you out.
You can reach me on
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