Global / Reusable Components Example

I’m fairly new to this Coda Discourse Community and just found this sub-category.

While creating several internal system Docs we realized we have small pieces of information (components) that we want to display the same way across many Pages.
For example, Footers, links, images, emails, phone #, addresses, instructions, etc.

We also don’t want to have to go to each Page to update that content if/when it changes.

As a programmer and DBA I naturally thought of ENV (environment) and Global Variables. Coda doesn’t currently support this type of functionality natively, and so I developed a system for creating and managing Global Button Labels, Rich Text Blocks, and Variables.

A public demo is available if anyone wants to copy and play with it. And it would be cool if anyone has improvements, extensions, or ideas on how to make it better or easier to use!