Gmail Pack - Issue with advanced search pulling in threaded email content

Hey there, I’m digging the Gmail Pack but I’ve experienced an issue where I want only ONE email from a thread to populate the table (it’s a combination of the Gmail and USPS packs where I can track customer’s tracking numbers so I can then follow up to see if they received it).

The issue I’m seeing is that on the final email I send them, I say “I sent this via USPS” so I use USPS as an advanced search to ping that email. But subsequent emails are pulled in too as the email content shows the threaded text inside of it.

Is there any way to specifically mark ONE email in a thread to show up? Labels won’t work, starring won’t work, saying one word doesn’t work. I’m so close!!!

Dear @HereComesTrevor,

I see your post is rather old, did you find a solution?

If not, are you able to share some sample doc, just to better understand and try to find a solution