Good product comparison — Fibery vs. Coda

My goal is to explain how Fibery is different from Coda and what strengths and weaknesses it has. Coda is a powerful, but weird product.


I completely agree with the writer, if Coda Team realizes they can become better than Notion and go for that market, they will get huge. Right now seems they’re a great fit for excel people that want something nicer.

The product is super good, but there are 2 or 3 big features missing that make most people go for Notion. To mention a few (which the author mentioned and was surprised as me and others why Coda went this route):

  • able to insert a page in a row, to have a free form description entity which is not coupled to the DB. The author even mocks a bit the “big cell” feature which is quite useless as a replacement for this.
  • more flexible layouts in the page, like multiple columns.

I posted this like in 3 threads but so far nobody from Coda team gave any hint this will be available or not.

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Hi @Alexander_Tsayun,

We encourage and embrace competition because customers win at the end of the day. And thank you for pointing out some areas where you’d like to see Coda improved. We appreciate the feedback.

If you have a Coda related question or would like help with a specific Coda doc, please open a new topic.