Resources · Coda vs. Notion

on viewer side,

  • it’s not showing full link on viewer side
  • g sheets does
  • it’s also not adjustable on viewer side
  • this particular one is not sortable, not sure if coda is sortable yet, i assume it is**?**
  • this one has live edit without having to be login, that’s good

(something is wrong with the bullet point feature in this forum, it’s not working like other discourse forums btw, i think a setting is not turned on)

on editor/user side,
they were likely able to dragdrop to increase column/size/width
assuming these sheets/tables have responsive design**?**, if not that is huge problem that need to be fixed/made better, spreadsheets already do that

this sheet/table is not fitting the whole screen width which is really not good

this dropdown/search/filter on far right seems possibly useful, but i think for 1 of the specific uses, think airtable may do it better but maybe not not sure yet

1 Like has much more comprehensive database management than Notion. it seems a very interesting application, but also too expensive and limited with image adjustment (we are waiting for an upgrade).
Coda does not have an app that works on windows, mac or linux and above all that works in the backround and in addition it lacks wiget for browsers (like Notion instead) to save URLs on databases. This aspect limits it very much and makes it unmanageable by the user.

Another less favored aspect is the name “CODA”. In Italian I have a lot of difficulty in finding arguments. I always have to write “

  • tuttorial on youtube and international communities (Facebook, twitter, instagram, Telegram) are very scarce compared to those of Notion.

  • the scarce sturenti package

  • the too high cost

I’m uncertain about this app, specifically this recommendation page. One should expect if all facets are set to 5 the app should be indecisive - there should not be enough of a “signal” to recommend either product, and yet it always recommends Coda.

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