Google Chat Pack: Create Space Action

@Preeti_Yuankrathok Thanks for making this great pack.

Are you planning at any time to provide an action creating a Chat Space and returning its id/url for further use [send messages…] ?

That would be really useful…! :grimacing:


@Laurent_Ades Hi! Thanks for using the pack.

Sadly, I don’t actively working on Coda (and its packs) anymore. However, your contribution is very welcome and I’d be happy to update it to a newer version!

Here’s the GitHub repo if you’re interested to: GitHub - earthpyy/coda-google-chat-pack: Google Chat integrations for Coda Pack

Have a great day!

Thanks for feedback.

Sure, I will be working on that as I have started building packs ; thanks for opening the door here.

One thing I’m not sure about though is whethet I will need to publish a new pack ? Or, Is there a way to collaboratively work on the same pack ? or transfer it ?

@Eric_Koleda any recommendation for that ?


It possible to share a Pack with someone else using the share dialog. To be able to made new builds and releases of the Pack you’ll need to have the “Pack Admin” privilege on that Pack.

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