Google Contacts Fails to Sync

I have two Google accounts, one is my primary the other is for archive.

I am able to import contacts from my archive account (which is incomplete and outdated), however whenever I try to import from my primary account the sync fails.

I cannot think of a reason why the one would work and not the other.


Dear @Jonathan_Rodgers, welcome to the community :handshake:

Did you login with your primary account and approved all permission? I assume this is the “Maker”?
You use your “archive” account (secondary) to login as a second user? What role did you assign?

Of course you could also check out with

Thank you for your response!

The permissions all appear to be granted.

I only tried syncing with my archive account when the primary account failed. I was trying to trouble shoot, to see if the problem was on Coda’s side or Google’s.

But… since I first posted, the archive account isn’t syncing either. So I’m thinking it’s more on Coda’s side.

I reached out to support, we’ll see.