Google-Drive-Files from G-Suite Company Folder

Hello everybody

I have a Problem to Link my G-Suite Company Files in Coda. This is how it looks:

From my personal G-Suite Place it works fine, the problem is just with the company Folder.

What I’m doing wrong?

Dear @Kristijan_Moser,

Your Coda account is from the company or personal one?
I recommend to contact support, either at the “?” at the right bottom of your doc or through

Would you mind to change you post from “How To” => “Ask the community”, thank you :handshake:

Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets.

The Post is moved to “Ask the community” and I contacted the support.

The Coda account is from the company same company like the g-drive account, and I am the Admin in G-Suite…

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Dear @Kristijan_Moser,

Did you check if the right domains are allowed to access?
You can add other domains as below:

Yep… its correct, but:


As Admin:

Domain is correct:

Add domain not work:

The domain “xn–” comes from “mobü.ch”. Is it possible that this situation courses the problem?

Dear @Kristijan_Moser,

I don’t have the right competence to reply, you might want consult with the company that hosts the domains.