Tip: Add a view onto a Google Drive folder!

Just sharing this because it is awesome and I didn’t know about it.

  1. Get a link to one of your google drive folders, e.g. by right clicking it in windows explorer and choosing “view on the web” and then copying the URL that opens in the browser.
  2. Go to a Coda Document, right click or ctrl+v, and choose “Embed”.
  3. Paste the link.

Viola! your document now shows a view in the doc with a list of the google files in that folder!

I don’t even know if this is part of the Google Drive pack or the standard integration with GDrive, but it’s a great find. Thanks Coda!


@Ed_Liveikis can you share an image of what you get?

@Johg_Ananda here you go, and unfortunately it appears to be only partially working in that I have tried several other folders and instead I get an error view. I’m not sure why this particular folder works. I have followed the same process and they are folders within the same target account.

Working example image:


Other attempts:


@BenLee do you know why I was able to get this to work for one folder but not others? Is this a WIP feature? Should I file a bug? Thank you!

I’m not sure on this one other than it being a permissions issue with how your folders are shared.

You can use this formula to archieve the same:
List View:
Grid View:

Just change FOLDER-ID with yours folders ID

when using G Suite use this with your domain fqn: