Google Photos Pack (beta)

Hello the coda community!

So I made my first pack over the we, and just published it today! I had some prior knowledge of JS but never did real projects. I published the source code if anyone can give me feedback that would be really appreciated :slight_smile: I think I’ll start a TS course because I struggled like a lot lol

In order to use the pack, I need to add your email to a whitelist. You’ll find the instructions in the doc (link below). Also expect breaking changes while in beta.

Of course, I’m open to suggestions to better design the pack

Hope it will be useful to someone!


Thank you! I am going to use it once i found a good way to use it.

I haven’t updated the pack yet but I’ll release a new version this we with relation between photos and albums! Let me know if you need any guidance regarding how to use the pack :slightly_smiling_face:

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@sirius ,

this is brilliant!
well done indeed



Nice! We use Google Photos as a family, excited to try this out.

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I’ve just released a new version with the new relation between Media and Albums!

I must admit, it wasn’t easy and I may have overcomplicated things, as I do regularly :laughing: but I learned a lot! Adapting a library to interface with the Google Photos API was the most challenging obstacle I encountered, as I’m not familiar with object-oriented programming. Git/GitHub was also a big piece to learn.

I’ll add more, such as formulas/actions, column formatting, and cards in the coming days if I have the time. :slight_smile:

Congrats. Super useful for an idea i am mucking around with at the moment. Do you still have the whitelist or can anyone use it?

Hey @Hamish_Mcgregor thanks! I still have the whitelist in place as I havent sent my application to the Google verification process yet. But I am rather responsive to add new users, just need an email linked to a Google account :slight_smile: