Launched a Photoshop-like Pack

Any digital artists or photographers among us?

We are building a 2d canvas editor pack and need some beta testers to put it through its paces.

Painting, sketching, and photo touch-up tasks are the main goal.

Hoping to exploit the new full-page embed feature of coda.
But right now it is not ready yet.

Coda’s pack builder cannot yet generate a full-page embed!
And a full-page embed cannot yet use a pack!

But hoping this gets resolved soon, so going ahead with beta testing anyways.

Contact us via pm here, or send mail to

if you would like to join the beta program.


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Curious to learn what you’re doing!

will i sign you for beta test?

thanks to everyone who participated in the beta testing.

the pack is now live and available to all here…

the Photopea( ) and EditSVG( ) formulas are working now.

all the others are still under development - will update this thread as they become available.

we are still waiting for Coda to support full-page embeds in packs - so until then you are going to have to expand the size of the iFrame yourself to the size you require.


the free version of Photopea( ) shows ads on the sidebar.

if there is sufficient intetest, i can provide a paid-pack that supresses those ads.

or, are folks ok with the free version and just ignore the ads?

the paid option would be $50/yr


Oh, I thought those were the formulas that would evaluate some input (e.g. D3.js code) and return a graph. Is there a plan to support that? Could be a gamechanger.

yes i plan to do that


Almost ready to release our D3 Pack



I found a way to remove the Photopea advertisements.

So the Photopea formula is for bit-map image editing and the EditSvg formula is for vector image editing.

Still working on the D3 formula, alas, will post here when there is progress.


Fun fact, Photopea is developed by a fellow Ukrainian :slight_smile:

Guess we somehow share that desire to hack here. It is widely regarded as a very powerful online Photoshop replacement, if not the best one (there’s Figma but that’s different)


Very interesting! I’ve been looking for image tools I miss on Coda, like image comparison, image versioning and feedback tools. If someone has any suggestions, it would be amazing.

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