GoogleCalendar pack within a Master database?

Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here.

I’m trying to make a master calendar database. I want to have 3 columns with google calendar information coming in (Event, Start Time, End Time), another 3 columns for information I can enter, and then a 3rd group of 3 columns that a different calendar view will look at. The column has an IF statement in it of =IF(ISBLANK(GoogleEvent), My Event, GoogleEvent). That way I can have the calendar looking at 1 database with both my entered information or the google event information.

The issue I’m having is: I can’t get the google calendar pack to pull information in within a table. The only way I’m getting information to sync is if I create the packs table for google calendar. I can’t add rows to it, so I can create my master database off of this table, and I can’t have another table looking at the pack table. The information won’t populate. Any info would help.

Thank you!