Can't find the Google Calendar Pack table


I am currently facing a weird behavior from the google calendar packs. I am working on a relatively large file ( +20 Tables including one with +600 rows ).

Currently I wanted to add a synced Calendar and the pack is not allowing me to do so. It is asking me to delete the google calendar events table in order to add the calendar as Events is already syncing.

The only problem is that I can’t find this old Calendar Table. ( I assumed that I have already added this calendar and deleted it ) checked the Doc map and can’t find it anywhere in the Doc.

Did anyone face the same problem ? or how can I find which table is synced from the Pack settings

Dear @Happy_Pigeons_Team, welcome to the community :handshake:

Did you check the doc map?

Hi @Happy_Pigeons_Team,

This may be a bug that you’ve run into here. Would you mind reaching out to our support channel using the “?” icon at the bottom right of the doc. If you can also include a link to the doc with the issue, we’ll be able to better check it from there.

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I looked for it in the doc map but couldn’t find it.

Hi @Happy_Pigeons_Team,

Please get in touch with Ben as there seems to be a bug. He might be able to find a way.

Success :handshake:

I messaged you guys on the chat. but quick update as the situation is kinda solved.

I noticed a table called “Calendar clashes” that appears in the Doc map but when clicking on it, it sends me to an empty section. ( this section used to have a sync for Gmail ).

Anyways, I deleted the section and now the pack is back to normal.