Grammarly Support

Basic spellcheck support has been in place for quite a while now.

Grammerly will require a good bit more work and Coda is still growing quite a bit at the moment. We do hear you that this is a wanted feature for sure, we’re just working on building out the product more before committing to the effort investment here.

When growing a product you find that adding features means there is more to account for, and work around, when adding larger changes to the foundational items. It’s easy to build features to the point of hindering future growth too. So our team puts a lot of thought into how they juggle what gets added and when. The order can have a big effect down the line. Efficient ordering of procedures doesn’t always correlate to order of importance.

We have this noted and it is discussed.

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Hi all,

Yup I agree. Grammarly support or any kind of spell checker would be fantastic!
hope you guys are considering this in the near future.
Nice platfrom btw


Please do the integration with Grammarly, this is really a major downside and will push me back to awful Confluence.

I noticed Notion supports Grammarly now. It’s important enough for me to consider moving. Any update on when Grammarly can be expected in Coda?


+1 on this.

I wonder if coda is going to consider adding a grammarly pack.


It would be great to have grammarly support, and maybe autocorrect?

yes it is really a great support to have grammarly extension for auto correction of spelling and grammar. when I was working with a news paper writing service I realized the importance of this software that helps me spelling correction specially and also in the productivity.

We are still without spellchecker?. I see the problem has been dragging on since February 2018 (4 years) and we have gone through 3 versions.

Please add Grammarly support. I am the worst at spelling and grammar and Grammarly is my robot editor.

First ask was in 2018 (4 years ago to date). Really hoping to see this come through sooner vs later.

as long as Coda does not communicate on their road map in a more precise way, chances are that you re-post this question in 1 or 2 years

I’m in that camp as well. This is an important capability. However, I have a hunch the Codans are up to something far more sustainable and strategically in the platform camp, rather than simply another vendor integration.

To be very clear, I have no inside track - I’m just speculating, but this is likely how it will unfold.

  • For more than a year, it’s probable that Codans have been toiling away on an API upgrade. There are numerous areas of the current API that have untenable voids; the big one - how to access the canvas content? From words, to sentences, to paragraphs, and whole sections. These are objects that are currently stranded on an island.

  • The Grammarly-like requirement necessitates real-time interaction; as you type, it needs to watch keystroke events unfold without any perceived hesitation. Coda, of course does have an event model because it can count words as we type. As such, we can easily surmise they have the underlying infrastructure for real-time interaction.

  • The current Pack architecture involves a synching process which has some latency; this is inadequate for real-time event handling, but I predict this will not be the case for much longer. Soon, there will probably be support for outbound webhooks that may also allow us to call Pack functions with a webhook formula. Imagine …




Once we see these three milestones unfold, the race will be on. Companies like Grammarly will have the infrastructure required to create a Pack capable of providing its own very clever experience. More importantly, Coda will have paved a very wide super-highway to support vastly more opportunities to make documents more intelligent and capable of assisting authors with real-time enhancements.

Lastly, this likely collection of underpinnings are also important for Coda apps to form tighter bonds that deliver on the promise of machine learning.

Just sayin’ (and speculating)

ps - I also predict we’ll soon see Pack studio capable of running Python code as well as javascript. :wink:


If this might help, I am not native speaker and using Grammarly on daily basis, as we are testing coda, finding out this issue might considering using notion.

Hey @BenLee – I don’t seem to have basic spell check in my Coda docs. Is there a specific setting I am missing?

There isn’t a setting for this. It’s the basic browser spell check that we allow to work in docs, so it might depend on the browser you’re using. I use Chrome and I’m see it pop up.

If you got to Chrome settings, you can make sure it’s toggle on there.

Aah, got it. Because I have the grammarly chrome extension, I never missed/noticed that it was turned off. Thank you!

The experience with Grammarly though is way better…so would plus one the request to support that,

Grammarly is not supported in Chrome for Coda…

But it works fine with the Mac app.

Wish this was more widely available. Glad Mac users have access to it :slight_smile:

Writing is a LOT easier with grammarly.

It is - Windows?

Yup, on Windows. I am using the chrome extension and using Coda in Chrome too,