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Howdy y’all, I’m fairly new to the coda world and did my due diligence in looking for some answers before posting, but had some questions in regards to an idea that I was wondering if one of you could answer or provide some guidance on.

I do a decent amount of work with graph structures and stores in my day job and it really seems like something Coda could benefit from. I’m sure my use cases are more complex than most, but its really been fun to play with Coda and figure out how to make some of this stuff happen. I dug through the docs and am not surprised that the dev library doesn’t support something like instantiating a different foundational data structure, but I’m wondering on the viability of making a pack that isn’t syncing data to or from another app, but to and from another database that’s better for for this purpose.

Rough outline:
2 new column types, a link and a node. Links essentially are mega lookups that can link to any node on any table or page. All of this is regularly synced to some graph based or at least nosql data store externally. 1 core new function which is a graph query, big potential user learning curve there but maybe there’s a way to shim it to look more coda-dot-notation-ie:


So questions:

  1. Is anyone aware of any discussed plans or a product roadmap which could help me understand if this would be replaced by officially supported coda functionality in the near future? Closest I could find is ‘looking into it’
  2. I looked through ToS and couldn’t find anything explicitly barring it, but is anyone else aware of anything which might be an unknown unknown to me on why this doesn’t exist?
  3. Has anyone had luck submitting to the maker fund? I’d have to make this a paid pack to cover hosting costs, but if I could get some funding to build this it’d definitely change how I prioritize my time.

Hi @Kameron_Baumgardner - Thanks for sharing, and it sounds like it could be a quite powerful feature. In regards to your specific questions:

  1. No, I’m not aware of any plans to build something like this into the product.
  2. Building a Pack or API integration is not just allowed, it’s encouraged! When storing customer data on your own server you should be very careful to ensure it’s protected and private of course. I’m not a lawyer and can’t provide legal advice, so please consult with one if you have questions about the ToS.
  3. We’ve funded quite a few projects via the Maker Fund, and you are welcome to apply. That said, our funding more recently has been directed towards expanding the reach of existing work vs. funding something speculative, but every case is unique!
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