Great list of features Coda may add in 2021

I just came across a post from @Sarah_Arminta . It is really worth to look at.

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Thanks for the shoutout @JHConsulting! :blush:


Wow yeah that’s a great summary!

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Good summary there @Sarah_Arminta.

What I would add to the list as one of the features I really miss in Coda, and I think its important for business users, is more granular permissions. I would really like to be able to set permissions on Page level, that would really remove need to use separate docs and cross-docs and make things more complicated in most cases :slight_smile:

But, as you mentioned, no software is perfect at the moment and its just which features you must have and which tradeoffs you are willing to live with.


on point

Coda : Table rows as pages. More flexible page layouts. Self-referencing filters.