Group labels should stick to the screen

I use grouping a lot on my tables. It is so useful! But with tables that are taller than the screen, I keep scrolling up to check which group I’m looking at.

I suggest group labels stick to the top of screen when I scroll past it (the way column headers do) so we can see it at any time.

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Absolutely! I also use groups a lot and it is very frustrating that the labels scroll off the top of the screen for “Left” groups. I notice that when I use a “Top” group the labels freeze to the top of the screen, but when I use a “Left” group, the labels scroll away and I am left with blank grey blocks on the left and no idea which group I am looking at.

The label with the disclosure triangle and group count should just freeze to the top of the visible remainder of the gray box while I am scrolling, keeping their position in the gray box until all of that grey box scrolls off the top of the screen.

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