Table - Grouped rows - header doesn't stay on page?

Is there a way to have, for a Table with a large amount of data in it (i.e. more than can be seen on one “screen”), the Table’s header row stay on the page as you scroll through the data?

Maybe once you’ve reached the bottom of the table and the data scrolls off, the header row could disappear until you scroll back up and hit the bottom of the Table again?

OK, perhaps it’s lack of morning coffee, but I’m sure this has been something I noticed before this morning…

Now, when I went back to working with my doc and happened across the Section that had the Table I was referring to, I noticed that the header row does float at the top of the screen until I scroll off.

slurp more caffeine perhaps…

Seems the issue is with a Table with two Groups applied. The header row no longer floats at the top of the page as you scroll down the Table.


@Nathaniel_Thompson or @evan - any thoughts on this? is it a bug?

Apologies if you’re not the right guys to ping on this, but I’ve hit it more than once in my Doc and would really love to see some comment on this and maybe even a “fix” if you feel it’s appropriate (I do! :slight_smile:)


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Hey @Thomas_Robbs - so sorry for the delay getting back to you!

You actually identified the issue in your original post, which is something we’ve logged as a bug internally - column headers currently do not pin when you have a grouped table. Appreciate your patience as we stack the work to get that fixed, but in the meantime you should be able to see those headers pin for any tables that aren’t grouped.

Hope that helps!




Thanks @evan! Glad to know it’s not user error. :slight_smile:

Glad I am not alone. Just started using coda, and couldn’t figure why it was doing that. Hope a fix comes soon, as I have multiple people accessing the document.

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Any update on this? I am still facing this issue- headers are sticky when not grouping a table, but aren’t when I do group. This is the #1 request I’m hearing from the users on my team, since we’ve got a very large table that requires a lot of scrolling to go check which column they’re in.

Edit: to be more specific, I’m grouping by one column & not sorting, though increasing the group count and adding sort does nothing.


+1 on this, the grouping feature is close to being unusable on large tables because of this


Looking forward to a fix. :slight_smile:


Any update? Need this fixed!! :slight_smile:


Hi @Rachel_Lowisz, Not fixed yet. but I have raised it again to the team.

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