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I am very new to Coda, it is only my second day using it but it seems amazing and I am excited for all the ways I can use the platform.
I am trying to create a Finishes, Fixture & Equipment (FF&E) Schedule using Coda, we currently do this is Adobe Indesign but I thought building this in Coda would all for collaboration with team members and the client.

As a test I have begun making a table for the Plumbing Fixtures.
Ideally we like to group the fixtures by room so that we can make sure that we have allowed for all the required fixtures.
As there are certain items that are used in multiple rooms, I though it would be good to create a lookup table with a list of rooms, this would allow me to select multiple rooms.
However as you can see below, it groups items per room but considers items with multiple rooms a unique room. Ideally I would like those items to show up multiple times, 1 time in each room.
Is there a way that this can be done?

See example table below:

Hi Chris,

Welcome to Coda! Glad you are excited about Coda, we are excited to welcome a new community member.

I have sent a request for access to the doc. But in the meantime, you are on the right track by experimenting first. Coda requires a (subtly) very different way of thinking. Try out different things, and be willing to redo once or twice. Your final solution(s) will be just that much stronger for that.

Rambling Pete

Hi Pete,

Thanks for reaching out, I believe I have granted you access to the doc now.
I have been looking around the menu systems and tinkering with various options and I am sure what I am looking for is a simple function but as you said I may just need to look at the problem with a different perspective.

Any help that you could provide would be much appreciated.


Hi Chris,

is the “grouping” functionality a must-have?

If you use a filter, you can see for each room the fittings for that room, including the fittings that are shared with other rooms:

As far as the grouping goes, that is what Coda will do. The idea is that an unfiltered grouped table will contain each row once., therefor multi-room fittings will be in their own group.


Hi Piet,
I really appreciate you taking the time to have a look.
It is relatively important to be able to group per room.

I did consider, creating multiple views of the table and filtering per room.
Ideally I want to be able to create a single doc that I can export to pdf.
Alternatively, creating multiple entries of the same item per room would probably allow me to group each by room without the same issue.

If I have to filter by room, pdf each and then merge each in Adobe InDesign or something similar later then creating the doc in table kind of loses its appeal.

Thanks again for your insight!

HI Chris,

I created 2 more views for you, based on a new table structure:

The structure has the table as you originally had it, and then a “Summary” table. (I did change the original table by making the Brand/Model column the display column.

The Summary table starts with one column, Location. It then adds a second column (Brand/ Model) that is of lookup type. In the Option Settings for this column, create a cutom filter, with a formula as shown below:

Unfortunately, the next step is manual: When you click on the drop down in a row, it will bring up the fittings linked to that location. You then need to select the options. Finally, add related columns from the detail table as needed.


If the views that I have shown you bring you closer to what you are looking for, we can look at automating that. (The ForEach() formula will do a great job of automating this. )

On the other hand, it is also possible to export multiple pages to PDF at the same time, so you could have a sub-page for each room:

I have not used this feature, so do not know what the result will look like.

It’s just some ramblings… :wink:
Rambling Pete

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