📊 Has anyone figured out how to make a real dashboard [view all data]

Something like this? Where charts are laid out in one glance.

Or can I send data from Coda to Sheets and embed the sheet?


To be honest, I came to Coda to make personal dashboard Like you showed. But I’ve found that it is almost impossible to do this without the Column Layout.

So, I decided to wait.

waiting for layout in Canvas… I achieved a similar way with Layout in Detail View…
Basically I created a table with 1 row and several columns depending on the graphs/text you would like to have…

Each column has several medium/complex formulas that gets aggregate values from here and there (other tables). Then I switched the view from Table view to Detail View and… TADA… it works… of course it’s not ideal, but it’s acceptable…

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Mad thanks @Francesco_Pistillo for that post. I had to make a dashboard yesterday and remembered about your trick that I noticed half a year ago and then forgot.

I expanded this into a separate post: