Having difficulties with contain formula

Hi Guys.

If I have a table with a column that has a select option for days of the week and a row of that column has Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and I would like to see if thisrow.days contains the word Friday how would I do that? I tried loads of things like Contains(thisRow.days.Lower(),“friday”) I tried to text I tried the IN formule but it just does not work for me.

I googled a lot but can’t find to seem a working solution, sorry if this has been asked a million times.

For some reason I cannot get the hang of coda formulas.

hi @Remco_de_Louw , I am afraid I do not understand well your question.

I created an example table with the USA day numbers, the WeekdayName and the contains function

and next the usage of Contains()

I hope it helps, if not please add a sample doc,
cheers, Christiaan

Hi Christiaan,

I have no clue how to make a sample doc, I would love to add it but instead I will add a picture.

So as you can see a few days have been selected in one cell and I want to do like an if contains statement on it .

ahah, I see the issue.

the weekday names in Dutch live in a separate table I guess, maybe like the weekday names you see here. My table DB Days contains Dutch, French and other languages. This one was open in French. I selected multiple days per day and turned them into Dutch by referencing the column with Dutch day names.

first the filter I guess you might need

next the formulaMap

and this you can turn into a checkbox via an if statement

Not sure however it this makes it easier for you…
Cheers, Christiaan


Thaks @Christiaan_Huizer I think this does help me in finding a way to do what I want to do.
For some reason I find it hard to find the logic in the way coda wants me to structure formulas. I am more used to SQL and other languages that feel more logical to me.

I will see if I can use your examples!!

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