Header & footer with print version


I’m testing the possibility of moving some process on CODA and trying to setup quote template for the doc we sent out to the clients.
I’m trying to use the cover image to act like a header.
Unfortunately, it cannot be printed repeatly for each page like a real header in pdf.
But I do found out that with “more settings” on print page, there’s header and footer but currently it shows only the time & name of the doc for header and hyperlink & page# for the footer.
Is there a way for user to edit that when doing PDF export?
A key thing that holding me back on CODA is its drawbacks on pdf export.



I second this. My header/footer needs require that I can put a company logo in the header and custom text in both the header and footer. I need the header/footer to appear on each page when doing a PDF export.

I up vote this as well. Adding real header and footers would open Coda to a much wider array of business use cases.

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