Add Headers/Foots to Exported Printed/PDF Documents


Quite frequently I am using Coda to capture test data, generate a report on that data and send it to the customer. To be able to have these report be more professional, I would like to be able to add a header/footer to these documents that are sent to customers. This would include:

  • Insert Image of my company’s logo
  • Page Number/Page Count
  • Any additional relevant text

This would help improve my workflow a lot so I don’t have to take my exported PDF, import it into another software to add my Headers/Footer and then sent it out after that.

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Dear @Eugene_Pentland,

Please check below post with a creative sample

Credits to: @lars_hofstetter_10TIMES_io

Credits to: Shane

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Hi Jean,

The reusable components seem interesting and can work for most of my use cases, thanks! Part of the issue is that there are no “page breaks” in Coda so when exporting documents, you are just guessing that all of the spacing is correct, exporting and adjusting the document accordingly.

These reusable components don’t work in all situations, such as if there is a table that spans more than a single page, but I should just be able to reformat my data so that that issue does not occur.

Hi Eugen, and welcome to the community!

All in all I agree with you. Being able to make better PDF’s is really important.
At the moment one of my most urgent things I would like to see improved.