Footnotes in Docs

Could footnotes be added to Coda?
Not sure what formatting would look like, but making them dynamic would be very helpful too.
Both for in-doc writing purposes and hyperlinking I think this could be a really good feature.


I know this would be helpful for some of the work I do. Having the ability to quickly footnote something with a quick reference in doc or table would be really useful.

agree with you. I want to use Coda to write thesis, need footnotes function definitely.

Hi @Lev_Goldman :slight_smile:
Just a fast question, the canvas formulas are not useful for this?
I mean, if you make a formula in the “footer” of your doc and let’s say change it based on date or particular value in a row, shouldn’t this do the trick? :slight_smile:

Dear @Lev_Goldman, @Caleb_Daubenspeck, @Azure_L, @Mario

Just to reference you this post:


Any more news on having a footnote function for Coda, guys? Would like to have this function. :slightly_smiling_face: (this in contrast to the above strategy for a footer, which looks very cool, but I need footnotes which will be unique to each page of a document… this might be too out of scope for Coda, though. Google docs does it pretty well.


Likewise, wondering if there’s any update on a footer for Coda docs?

I need to keep track of reference unique to each page, also…

There’s no footnotes?

What do you mean with “footnotes”?

I filed a feature request but essentially the ability to cite/quote claim made in a sentence somewhere outside of the comment feature where no website exists.

Footnotes/endnotes allow for adding context without disrupting the flow of a paragraph’s idea.

It could also be thought of as the ability to link from one spot in a page to another.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the info.

For footnotes per se you will need to wait, for footers I have something in place.

For the footnotes - do you want Coda to generate the footnotes as well? Or is it ok to manually create them?



Personally if they could be created similar to word/libreoffice with ctlr+alt+F and then allow to click that would be grand.

What’s your work around for footers to link back and forth if you don’t mind sharing?


HI Kevin

Certainly - Below is an embed to a page in my examples doc where I show how to do that. All I ask is if it turns you into a billionaire, that you remember me… :wink: You’ll find there is a lot of other examples in the doc as well, feel free to copy and re-use.



I made a simple Coda doc that shows how I organize my footnotes. For my next iteration of this doc, I hope to add formal MLA-style structure to the footnote setup. I would love feedback from the community about how you organize your sources for research documents. Here is my sample doc as it stands now.


Ahahaha if it makes me a billionaire I will come back for you :wink:

Thanks for this!

Thank you very much for this!

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Also, @Piet_Strydom has some great resources for setting up Coda docs as well.

Also, I am still learning all of the Sharing permissions for sharing docs. Let me know if you are able to pull it up ok on your end. Also, I’m curious what you see on your end when you open the doc. Thank you so much!

It asked if I wanted to login with my coda account or as an anonymous user.
Looks good!

This is probably a total newbie question but … when you logged in could you see my other docs? Sorry just learning the ropes of sharing permissions :blush: